Datas and local newsrooms (1/3) : 8 ways to collect unpublished datas

Feedback from different regional media

1/ Thanks to the work of journalists, local secretaries or correspondents

Information from 168 communes (including all those with more than 10,000 inhabitants, and a random sample of 20 communes from each of the seven departments) was collected for this report.

“Collection takes time but it is an investment that pays off”, Arnaud Wéry.

2/ With the participation of lcoal associations and cultural actors has existed for more than ten years. It was initially conceived by Ouest France to feed the print agenda with recreation information.

The primary engine of participation is first and foremost the publication in the paper. “It’s the power of print,” says Fabrice Bazard, director of digital activities at Sipa Ouest-France.

3/ By institutional actors

4/ With sports clubs, on their websites and through social networks

5/ Via automated questions by SMS to sports coaches

Screenshot of the system presentation on the United Robots website

The question is chosen algorithmically according to the latest statistics of the team (three games won in a row, the leader defeated by one of the last ones in the ranking, etc.) in a list established beforehand by journalists.

6/ Through automated visual recognition

7/ What about user participation?

“Who owns Hamburg?”
Editing from screenshots of the questionnaire Si j’étais maire, on the Berry Républicain website.

8/ Through connected objects



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